If I ask to burn your whole life for me, would you?

I’d certainly get lost with him.








jem wants jameson’s

totally relevant right now ;)

I’m sorry but isn’t it ALWAYS relevant? ;-)

Yes it is. You want to know what else is ALWAYS relevant? His ass in that top gif! ;0P

I just watched that top gif for 10 minutes. I think I see some love handles beneath that gray tank. Want to squeeze!

You mean these love handles…

Awwwww yissssss Happy Bourne Legacy DVD release day!!!!

Screencap from The Bourne Legacy courtesy of amyrenneraddict



Day 4 Aaron Cross from The Bourne Legacy


Day 4 Aaron Cross from The Bourne Legacy

Four Days (~3700 words, no warnings, PG13 just to be safe)


Fandom: The Bourne Legacy, pre-movie

Author: uuuhshiny Beta: cakeisnotpie (Thank you!!!)

Author notes: My attempt on answering some questions in the movie.

“I went off the grid for four days, that’s why I’m here.”

A car came to stop after a forty minute ride, give or take. Judging by the sounds, they left asphalt roads more that 20 minutes ago, so Aaron safely assumed that now they were way outside Tashkent city borders, deep into nowhere. It was hard to say more as an opaque bag, cuffed hands and legs and closed truck, he was now in, pretty much limited his and his mental ability, no matter how much enhanced. He tried to analyze and remember the road they were taking, number of turns and time between them, but after some time gave it up because there were too many elements to consider.

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Read Katya’s writing, people! She’s clever and amazing! :)


but he’s all ridiculously gorgeous and sweaty and intense

and she gets to climb all over him

*dying whale noises*


The Bourne Legacy Screencaps, choosen by danoise24, and an extra caps.