if you dont love nine i dont know what to say to you.


walk up in the club like “Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister”

Showed “Blink” today in class

Had a whole row of guys who sort of scoffed when I said some people think it’s scary.

Sat next to a girl who gasped and hid her face a couple times.

Then I hear one of the guys go “Don’t do it!” when Larry turns his  head.

And another go “Oh, shit” when Sally sees what’s in the basement. 

I love it. Makes my day.

didn’t Dr. Who do this exact episode?

got in a paper grading groove and forgot I put some tea on to steep.

WHOA. Seriously dark tea. 

“You wanna send me back too huh? Well bring it on you son of a bitch!”

AU - Sam is sent back in time by a Weeping Angel


I’ve reblogged this before, and I will reblog it again.

Doctor Who with a bow.

'Nuff said.