okay, I’m looking for a nice murder/detective/mystery series to watch that meets the following criteria:

1. Does NOT involved the murders (ritualistic or serial killings) of women by women with sexual overtones.

2. Has female main characters (doesn’t have to be the sole detective, but can be one of a team or main group with a big part)

3. the main female character is NOT odd, distant, lacking emotion, anti-social, or portrayed as a straight up bitch.

4. quality writing and plotting that keeps me guessing

5. good acting 

Yeah. That’s all. So far, I’ve started and stopped four, no five different series because I’m just sick and tired of men sexualizing and killing women while men chase down the killers or women are cold and emotionless. 


  1. marcesiblelea said: Endgame? Great short-lived Canadian series available on Hulu, a little male heavy but great (compelling, interesting, if a little underdeveloped - not enough episodes!) supporting ladies.
  2. turtledisaster said: If you can find it, BBC’s Waking The Dead was decent especially the early series. Cold case investigation. Also loads of good women in Spooks - MI5 in U.S.; again early series best, but spy shenanigans obvs., not detecting.
  3. ruffles-the-fluffalo said: Criminal Minds might be a good one to watch.
  4. kat-har said: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, if you haven’t. 1920s Australia, the main character, the Hon. Phryne Fisher, is about the opposite of your #3, the characters are all well-written and acted, the mysteries are fun, and the UST is killer.
  5. stopthatpixie said: Death in Paradise is pretty fun, but I tend to enjoy quirky which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  6. meekobits said: Murdoch Mysteries? Well researched, interesting characters, strong female character who stands up for herself, but can still love and show compassion… I enjoy it. Might be worth a shot?
  7. featheredschist said: Rizzoli & Isles? I think that is the second name, though I know nothing about the show outside of it being two female leads. One is a cop, the other is supposed to be an ME.
  8. janietimelady said: Elementary? It has Lucy Liu! Can’t go wrong with her :)
  9. skyfallat221b said: Have you tried the Mentalist? Storyline is good up until reveal, then it gets ??? because I haven’t really watched yet. Are you looking for solely English speaking series?
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